Frequently Asked Questions

The Central Bank of Cryptocurrency is a Cryptocurrency Bank that provides banking services to cryptocurrency holders. We offer Cash Loans when you use your cryptocurrencies as collateral. A Free Escrow Service is provided to all loan applicants. We offer Checking and Savings Accounts, Investment Accounts that pay a quarterly income, and a Full-Service 3-Key Storage Facility.

We offer our clients a variety of banking services that allows our clients to take advantage of their cryptocurrency assets.  From loans to checking accounts to free escrow services.

Simply complete the Loan Application on our website. Select your preferred terms using our online calculator. We will reply bcak within 24 hours to confirm if your application has been approved.

No there is not a credit check, because your loan is a collateralize loan. You must submit cryptocurrencies as a form of security to obtain a loan.

We provide loans to all countries where permittable.

Central Bank will transfer your money to you by bank transfer or other alternative methods like Western Union or Money Gram to name a few. We deal with all money transfer services. Note* Some money transfer services have daily limits.

You can make payments to Central Bank by either bank transfers or by Cryptocurrency.

If you do not have a bank account, that is not a problem. We can transfer you your funds by a money transfer service.

After your loan has been approved and has been processed through our Escrow Service. Your collateral will be stored in a 3-Key Storage facility for the duration of your loan agreement. You will have online access to your storage facility to check your account daily to confirm your collateral is safe.

Only the Application Form located on our website and a valid form of government issued Identification.

A price change doesn’t affect your loan. Your coin/s are stored in our Storage Vault and remains your possession regardless of the trading price. At the end of your loan period, you will receive in full all of the coin/s you sent in as collateral.

Yes – once you complete your loan term, you will receive all of your coins. Although, this may not be the case if you elect to pay-off some of your loan with the coins held in storage.

You have two options to repay your loan: – Pay the principle & interest monthly – Pay only interest until the last month of the loan term, and on the last month, you pay the loan principle and the interest for that month

Yes. However, you must pay all the interest that would have been accrued over the term of your loan.

Normally we process loans and make transfers within a 24 to 48-hour period. Other methods than bank transfers may take longer.

Yes, we offer 24-hour support, 365 days per year.

Yes. However, you will be charged a sur-charge and we will extend your loan for 6-months.

At the present time we only accept, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash as collateral.

Yes, however, all interest due on the term of your loan agreement must be paid full.

Yes, however, you must notify our loan department 30 days before the termination of your loan agreement to arrange an extension.

New customers are allowed 1 loan with CBC to begin with. For regular customers we offer a loyalty program which would allow more than 1 active loan at a time.

Yes we have a loan limit of $100,000.

Yes, you have the option of either paying capital and interest, or just monthly interest payments, with a final payment covering the initial value of the loan.