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Welcome to CBC the number one source for cryptocurrency loans. We make getting secured loans against cryptocurrency assets easy and available to everyone, no matter where in the world they may live. We believe that our clients are the most important aspect of our business. Customer Service is our top priority, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

We offer our CBC Loan Brokers the best progressive paid structure available in today’s market place. We know that word of mouth is the best advertising for dollars spent, that’s why we spend our money on our CBC Brokers.

As a CBC Loan Broker, you can expect full support from our administration and sales staff. We are here for you; our dedication to our Brokers assures them higher than average earnings.

Becoming a CBC Loan Broker is a prestigious position within the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency holders need you. As a Broker you will be offering the best secured loans, at some of the lowest interest rates, with the most reasonable repayment terms available. This makes you a valuable player within the exciting and always changing cryptocurrency market.

Why should your clients sell their cryptocurrencies when we all know that prices in the future will be double or even triple the price of today? Your clients do not need to sell their cryptocurrencies. A CBC Secured Loan is their answer.

As a CBC Loan Broker, you can help your clients by providing them secured loans allowing them to retain their cryptocurrencies for the long-term and reap the big benefits down the road. You will be providing a service that is in high demand, with very few reliable firms your clients can turn to.

We make it easy on your clients. We offer 5 different loan terms, each with a different interest rate.

  • • 3 Months – 15% APR
  • • 6 Months – 13% APR
  • • 12 Months – 10% APR
  • • 18 Months – 9% APR
  • • 24 Months – 8% APR

Your clients can borrow $1,000 all the way up to $100,000.

We make it easy for you to attract and secure clients. Look at the benefits your clients receive when dealing with CBC:

  • • No Credit Checks
  • • Same Day Approval
  • • Loans paid out within 24 to 48 hours
  • • No interest payment for the first 30 days
  • • 65% Loan to Value against secured collateral
  • • Low Interest Rates
  • • Multiple ways for your clients to receive money
  • • Monthly Interest only payments with a final balloon payment

So how does it work?

Your clients need to have cryptocurrencies to use as collateral to receive a CBC loan.

We offer your clients a 65% LTV, this means they will receive a 65% loan against their collateral. For easy math it works like this: If your client sends to CBC $10,000 worth of cryptocurrencies, they will receive a loan in the amount of $6,500.


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The Central Bank of Cryptocurrency is a lending institution that provide cash loans against Cryptocurrencies. We hold these Cryptocurrencies as collateral against the loans we provide.

We offer loans against numerous Cryptocurrencies.

Simply complete the loan application on our website.

No, because your loan is a collateralized loan, there is no credit check.

We provide loans to all countries where permittable.

Central Bank will transfer your money by bank transfer or other alternative methods if required.

You can make payments to Central Bank by either bank transfers or by Cryptocurrency.

If you do not have a bank account, this is not a problem. We can transfer you your funds by a money transfer service.

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Benefits of the CBC
Loan Referral Program

As a broker for Central Bank you will receive $100.00 for each successful applicant you refer to CBC, plus 2% of the total loan value given to customer.

Example of your Potential Income:

If you send a client to CBC and that client takes a loan out on cryptocurrency worth $7,800 – this is what happens:
The Client receives $5,070 (65% LTV on $7,800)

When CBC receives the cryptocurrency the client is using as collateral, we send you $100.00 for the referral.

In addition, you receive 2% of the $5,070 loan value, which is $101.40

Fixed Payment Per Loan
$ 100
$ 110
$ 125
$ 150
$ 175
$ 200
Commision % of Loan Value
2.00 %
2.50 %
3.00 %
3.50 %
4.00 %
5.00 %
Cumulative Total Sales
$ 1,000 / $ 30,000
$ 31,000 / $ 50,000
$ 51,000 / $ 75,000
$ 76,000 / $ 100,000
$ 100,000 / $ 150,000
$ 150,000 +

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