Welcome to the Central Bank of Cryptocurrencies. Our Staff is ready to assist you with all your crypto banking needs.


Checking Account

A CBC checking account is easy to set-up. We take the hassle out of buying and holding your cryptos. CBC offers easy access to your money for your daily transactional needs and helps keep your cryptos secure. Customers can use a CBC debit card to make purchases or pay bills. To set up a CBC Checking Account please contact us through the following form:


Savings Account

A CBC savings account allows you to accumulate interest on funds you’ve saved for future needs. CBC pays an annual interest rate of 2.5%. To set up a CBC Savings Account please contact us through the following form:


Investment Account

CBC allows you to invest your cryptos at a set interest rate for a pre-set period of time. We offer 6 month and 12 month plans that pay from 4% to 6%. Be sure you do not need to draw on those funds before you open an account, as early withdrawals may have financial penalties. To set up an investment account please contact us through the following form:


Silver Card
Gold Card
Platinum Card